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    The time it all began....

    It all started in a tiny college apartment senior year at Rutgers in NJ. It was a transitional and stressful period, but it was, never-the-less, a creative time too. It all started with learning how to dye spinning fiber from a neighbor on the first floor of my building. Before this time I was a so-so knitter that hadn't really kept up with the craft since I had learned it as a young girl. Once again, all these years later, I fell hard for the fiber arts and have since become obsessed. My days, nights, and dreams became flooded with all things fiber related. Eventually I made the decision that dyeing my own yarn with my own color ways would be the best way for me to get the
    fancier merinos and cashmere blends without starving (I was still a student after all).
    Towards the end of my time at Rutgers, I started to fantasize about having my own yarn company. I started to doodle logos and came up with the logo that became my brand: The Woolen Crown.
    New Brunswick, NJ is also known as Hub-city. The crown represents the area that I started dyeing in- Old Queens. I created a brand that represents history and brings to mind a reminder of where it all began.

    And so HubCity Fibers was born.
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    thank you! :) i will be back!